Through their team, TEIRLOG ENGINEERING SL offers extensive experience in the conception, planning, development, marketing and operation of Transport Centres, Logistics Platforms, Logistics-Industrial and Logistics Activities areas.

From Partner Directors Alfredo Irisarri and Pilar Tejo Mora-Granados, TEIRLOG ENGINEERING SL offers varied and broad experience in the field, which allows for integral development of any type of logistics platform, through the entire process:

  • Land planning for uni- or multimodal logistics platforms
  • Feasibility Analysis which define all aspects of each logistics platform
  • Other aspects that are related to the rest of Platform development:
    • Selection of the ideal promotion/management formula
    • Land management systems
    • Platform financing
    • Marketing and operation

In addition, if any project needs it, TEIRLOG INGENIERIA maintains stable relationships with other consulting and engineering partners and professional consultants, in the national and international areas, for carrying out:

  • Land use planning
  • Development Projects
  • Building Projects
  • Warehouse engineering
  • Legal Analyses
  • Other aspects

TEIRLOG INGENIERIA also collaborates in the search for specialized investors in this type of platform (developpers), who provide investments for the development of these platforms in their various phases .

TEIRLOG INGENIERIA maintains contacts with excellent consultants in the area of transportation and logistics of other European countries (France, Germany, Portugal, etc) or the Americas (USA, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brasil, Mexico, etc), which allows the development of studies and projects in those countries with guaranteed success.