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Teirlog ingeniería S.L.

Transportation and Logistics Consulting and Engineering

Is a company, highly specialized in transportation and logistics consulting and engineering. The company is composed of specialists with decades of experience in the sector who contribute the best knowledge, experience and technologies in the field to decision-makers and managers in the world of transport and logistics.


The direct involvement of the managerial staff in the development of projects and studies, even if this entails limiting the number of works. TEIRLOG INGENIERÍA’s team assumes personally and without delegations, the total real execution of the works.


Projects by Alfredo Irisarri Castro, Civil Engineer and Pilar Tejo Mora-Granados, Naval Engineer (Director Partners), and the work carried out by TEIRLOG INGENIERÍA. More than 30 years guarantee us.


It covers Business Plans, consulting and strategic and planning engineering, as well as consultancy and participation in the management and implementation of the initiatives of the previous phases, achieving the best results.


Directed by its Director Partners, with 5 Project Managers, Junior consultants, all professionals and highly competitive. Characterized by the higher specialization in fields related to logistics and transport.

Qualified in:

  • Engineering of logistics facilities: design of warehouses and specialized facilities in them.
  • Logistics and Transport Information Systems, both freight transport (integral GPS, fleet management), as well as passengers (Operational Aid Systems- SAE’s-).
  • Inmologistics Marketing (Real estate logistics assets, globally of LogisticsPlatforms, its activities parks, or specific facilities).
  • Others (railway facilities, software for logistics and transport activities, modeling of passengers and freaights…).